Saturday, September 24, 2011

Due date Of APRIL13TH

I find myself always saying sorry because I don't write as often, I just a bad blogger. The past 2 months have bee horrible on me. I have never had a pregnancy when I have been so ill. From the day I found out I was pregnant I was throwing up at least 3 times a day. I have even been hospitalized two times now. This is why I really have not been writing. I AM NOT complaining though. I know that because I have been so ill, that this means everything is going well with the baby. I have seen the baby 2 times now on the sonogram. She is a very cute little bean right now. Last time she was sucking her thumb. I will find out this week if she is a boy or girl. We call her a girl because the heart beat is 172. All my babies have been girls, and their heart beats have been very high. We will see though!!!
I am sooo thankful for everyone that has prayed for this little baby. I would have been devastated if anything happened this time. I'm grateful God is giving the chance once again to be a mommy. I am having my tubes tied this time!
My last post someone asked me to explain how we live and to tell a little bit about our home and how we sleep 11 kid's. Our last home was a lot smaller, and actually Tony and I liked the feel of that more. We all watched TV in the movie room and were a lot closer. This time the house is more spread out and we don't tend to see all the kids in the same spot as much. We are a close family and enjoy being next to each other. This home is 5,000sq ft. It has 5 bedrooms. The boy's share a room with each other, the two oldest. Then my oldest daughter who is 14 has her own room. The 3 girls from 11 to 8 share the largest room. The babies have a room downstairs where they all 3 share a room. Right now Emma the 5 yr old still sleeps in my room, but she has a room that she will share with the baby when it arrives. I really like this house, but I miss San Antonio so much. I feel like me and Tony made a mistake in buying this home. I think we fell in love with its beauty and did not think it through. The neighbors are all older and tend to not be crazy about us, and they just are not to friendly. We were looking at houses in the country when we moved here and I just wish we had stuck to that. I always have conflict with neighbors and its really depressing when you no not one person to talk to. I'm still trying to make friends, but that's hard to when you have 11 kids. I have found a great church and that keeps me going for now. I know it will get better and we will meet people, I just have to keep praying about it and what God wants us to do.
As far as the other kids, everyone is well here. The babies are doing great in school and getting so big. Eli has bee a little bitter lately. This is something we are trying to get under control.
This weekend we are going back to San Antonio to visit everyone. I enjoy these times when I get to see my old friends. It gives me hope I will have this once again here.
I'm going to end now. Ill try to write more now that I'm not so sick anymore. Ill write after we find out what the baby is. Thanks again for every ones support with this little bean!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New surprises

I was due to have a foot surgery this week. I have had a burning pain in my foot and they going to do a surgery to help get rid of the pain. I also had another surgery set up, one to get my tubes tied. We had decided to risk was to high for me and the baby, and we did not want to have another miscarriage. Before my surgery I was required to take a pregnancy test. Well Friday afternoon we found out we were expecting. We were even trying to be very safe. I was totally shocked. God had other plan's. So far I have been throwing up everyday for 7 day's. I have been having a lot of tummy pain, which everyone seems' to say is good news!! I have an appointment to go to the Dr and then I will start the shot's in my tummy. This will help me and the baby from my blood clotting disorder. We are very happy about this baby, just a little shocked!!
The kid's are all very excited as well. The babies of course do not get it yet, but I think when the baby comes they will be very happy.
We had to put the adoption aside for the moment. They will not let me adopt at the beginning of this pregnancy. As soon as we get out of this scary stage we will start the process up again. We never found the child that we both agreed on, but we did decide NOT to adopt HIV kids.I love that people can do it, and we would. The reason we are not is because our family is NOT supportive of it at all. We just got tired of trying to explain it to everyone. There are so many other children out there as well. We just need to get through this pregnancy first.
School is close to starting. I have all but 1 child going to school this yr. I'm so afraid to send my little Emma to kinder because I'm afraid she will get so sad. For me that really bothers me. I'm praying she does well and makes friends fast. If not I do not mind pulling her out and homeschooling her!!
That's all I have for now. Trying to write for often than normal!! Have a great day!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our New Adoption!!!!

Tony and I have decided to adopt again. This is something that we have talked about for awhile, but nothing we really thought we would do soon. After we lost our second baby we really started to pray about what God wanted us to do. We thought maybe he wanted us to even be done having and adopting kids. We knew in our hearts that we did not want to be done though. As we sat in church one Sunday, we listened as the entire sermon was on adopting orphans. It was a total God thing!! We knew he was speaking to us. It was literally the night before that we sat there and prayed about what we needed to do.
We then began the process of picking a child. This has been a huge challenge for us. We ended up deciding to pick a child with HIV, and an older child, then we decided to take two!!
So... As of right now we are taking two boy's named Rafferty, and James. They are both from the Ukraine and they are both HIV positive. One of them is 6, and the other is 7. If all goes well we will start the process next week.
Please pray for us on this journey as we find out about the wait of the adoption and the cost, and if they will even let us with having 10 kids already!
We will post pictures when we know for sure and we will give more details as soon as possible!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Apologies!!

I have to start out by saying I AM SO SORRY!!! I am the worse blogger ever. I would not doubt it if I even have people following me anymore!! I used to write a lot, but after we moved to Plano Texas things just got very busy!! There just is not a good excuse, I'm sorry!
Everything here is good. We still have not meet a lot of people so the summer has been a little boring for the kids. We just went back home to San Antonio for the last week and saw all of our friends. That was good, but taking trips now with the 3 babies is so hard. Nessie is still going through her crying stage which now I wonder if she will ever stop doing. She just gets so mad. She tries putting on shoes, or clothes and if she can not do it she just sits there and screams off the top of her lungs!! Lesska is well. She follows me EVERYWHERE i go. Its really cute at times!! She copies everything I do to. She is my little helper. Eli is just a handsome little guy. Eli is mellow. He likes to lay with his blanket everywhere. They all do very well in the car!!
My other kids are adjusting well here. They enjoy the pool. They are in it everyday! Right now that's really all they have. I'm praying after school starts again they will make a lot of friends. I know I will home school at least one of my kids, but we have not really had that talk yet!!
Our biggest news for now is that we are adopting again!! After my miscarriage I got pregnant again, then lost that baby as well. I finally did a lot of testing and found out I have a blood clotting disorder. I would have to take a lot of meds and such to keep the baby. I will have another baby at some point, but for now we feel like God wants us to adopt. We are not sure who yet, but we will post as soon as we know for sure.
I will post some pictures as soon as I get my other computer working! Thanks again

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emd of the year

The end of the year is fast approaching. The kid's are getting really excited about being out of school. Ill be just as excited once I find a nanny. I have been looking for over a month now. So many people say they want the job, then never show up.
The three babies are doing well right now. Eli is almost about to walk. I know he can, he just does not want to. I think he gets around faster by doing his bear crawl. Nessie is still yelling all the time, but I do think she is getting better. Leeska has started going through another strange stage. She has started doing everything opposite of what we tell her. She is just trying to see what she can get away with or not, I think.
We think we have found a church that we all like. I want to give it one more Sunday before we decide for sure. It has a great kids center. They seem to really enjoy it a lot.
As far as making friends, we have not done that yet. I just don't know how to get out there and meet people. There is not alot of activities or anything to go out and meet people. Im hoping once summer comes things will change and maybe more people will start coming out.
Well, Just wanted to keep everybody updated on the kids and how we are adjusting to Plano. We still are not pregnant yet, but we are still trying. So,,, soon enough I hope.

Friday, April 29, 2011


I have to say I am sorry really fast. I just went back and read a message on my blog from the lady Debbie that I was so upset with. I have to say I respect the fact that she got back on my blog and said she was sorry to me. Debbie if you are still reading, I am sorry for attacking you as well on my blog. I should have known better than to get so upset and say the things that I did. I just took it very personal when you said I adopted kid's to impress people. That would just be way to much work for anyone. Any way's I just wanted to say that I hope you do not delete my blog Debbie. I hope we can just continue from here.
I am sorry for all of my other reader's that have had to read all of this too. Debbie , I understand that we all have our bad day's and say thing's we regret, so Its all forgiven. I am sorry as well!

Better Week

Hello Again,
I am doing much much better this week. I'm a little concerned about Nessie though. Many of you know that the Dr. last week told us that she had MRSA. She has open wounds so she is NOT allowed to go back to school for the rest of this yr.(Right when I was trying to get some alone time) Anyways, I feel bad because I have complained about her screaming for so long. This Dr. thinks this is why. Im mad that the other Dr. in San Antonio NEVER saw this. I guess she said she got this in her orphanage and has carried it with her all this time. Now every scratch any kid gets I have to have it checked. Nessie also bit a teacher this week so they are concerned about that too! How embarrassing huh??
Other than that I am getting around Plano more. I am finding new Dr.s and still trying to find a new church. This is huge for us because that is where we found most of our friends last time. We are praying that God will lead us to a great church this Sunday.
The other babies are OK. They have double ear infections and strep throat that they are slowly passing to each and every other kid in the home, but it could be worse right?
As for me and Tony, so far we have managed to not get sick, and are praying that we don't. I did not end up being pregnant. The Dr said after a pregnancy alot of times you get positives when you are not really pregnant. I was bummed, but over it now. We will start trying again at the end of this month again. The Dr took a lot of blood work to see why I have had 6 miscarriages and called me and said they wanted to see me to talk about the results. They could not tell me over the phone. Soooo... I'm a little anxious to see what they have to say.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be plating grass out front and fixing the swimming pool for the kids to enjoy!! Take care!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Week

Thanks to the many people that responded on here and my facebook. I know that what this lady said was said out of jealously. I'm over it now. I just wanted to post again and try to post of pictures of the babies. This past week we have celebrated 2 birthdays. Nessie turned 3, and Leeska turned 4. It really made me sit back and think about where they would be had we not adopted them. I'm hoping another family would have stepped up, but what of they had not. I know they said they would go to an institution. How awful would that be!! I just can not imagine!! It makes me hug on my sweet babies so much. They are so good and so loving. They bring so much happiness to us. Yes, Nessie still yells all the time and we are trying to deal with that. In fact we have a teacher, more like a therapist that comes over 2 hrs a week now to try to help her sign. They think the reason she yells all the time is because she has no idea how to talk. I think so far it is helping her.
Since we have moved into our new home the babies have started a new school with wonderful teachers. Eli's teacher cries when I pick him up because she loves him so much. She said she can see such a change in him already in the 3 weeks they have been here, I must say I have too. The school is really helping them.
As for Leeska, she is always melting there hearts. Leeska is always very friendly with everyone and smiling and kissing everyone.
I have really been taking a good look in from the outside lately and I do see what others may see. Yes, It may look like we have to many kids and that we are a very large family, but I also hope people see that all the kids are so happy. We are always goofing around and laughing. The babies have so many brothers and sisters that there is always someone there to play with them. So I guess it does not matter what others may see. I should not care as long as I know we are all truly happy.
It has been a really good week with all the birthdays. We have had a great time celebrating!! Thanks so much for reading my blog, and I hope you have a happy week! Excuse the makeup Leeska had on in her picture!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello !

Well Im a little stunned right now about the last post I had on my blog. Any of you may feel free to go back and read it. I have read it to my hubby and a few friends and they are all shocked that a total stranger would write anything so hateful to someone they do not know. That is the point of a blog you read them to get to know them, but you don't just slam them for things you do not understand. I wanted everyone to know I was pregnant and what I was going through because that is the type of person I am. I like people to know these things. Then when I lost that baby I got a lot of support and did not have to do it alone. I guess this lady Debbie would enjoy to do it alone if it happened to her. Sorry, not me. Like I have said many times before this is a place for me to write about how I feel. Yes there are many times when I complain, but there are just as many good times to share with you as well. This lady Debbie can not tell me that she does not have bad times in her life. Just because I have bad times does not mean that I should not adopt more kids. She also stated that I adopt for the attention. OK You got me. Yeah, I spend all that money and time just for the attention. Are you crazy lady!! Yo really sound like you have alot going on in your life that you are struggling with and you are taking it out on me and my blog. I am not stressed out because I have to many kids. Its actually very nice. The kids all help and they all get along and have each other to play with. There is never a dull moment in this house. I would never never re-do anything I have done. This lady posting this non-sense has made me very happy actually because it made me realize just how happy I really am with all of my children and how happy I am that I am once again pregnant!! Yes Miss. Debbie Downer I said it if that's OK with you. I AM PREGNANT!!! I'm sorry you don't like me to announce this because its very early, but Im not like you you see.. I am very thankful for EVERYTHING God gives me. I'm sooo thankful that I want to shout it from the roof tops. I love my family, I love my life, and I love my God. I only wish I could say the same for you Miss .Debbie.
Don't get on some one's blog you don't even know and Judge them and slam them the way you did. You know nothing about me. The fact that you said the thing you said makes you sound like a very lonely, cold, butter person. Yes, I write about times when I'm stressed and when I want to pull my hair out. EVERYONE does. Please find me one blog that has not written about bad times in their life. Are you going to go judge them too and write crap all over their blog about what bad parents they are too!! By the way, where is your kid right now, or when you were blogging me?? Does that ,make you Bad parent because you took 5 minutes away from them to write. What non-sense!!
Well I was going to blog today about my house and how much I love this place, but this lady really made me very angry, but forget about her.
I live in Plano now. I will leave pictures of the house. I really love it here. I do miss my friends, but I am making new ones fast here. The kids are loving their new school. The 3 babies started school this week. It was so cute to see them get on their new bus with their new school bags. They really like school. There teachers love them so much and that helps alot.
We did end up getting pregnant again, but I am very early so not much to post about at this time. They took alot of blood to see why I keep having miscarriages. As I said before that made this lady so mad. I will adopt more. What some people do not understand is that God has called me to do this. I knew from a very young age that this is the life I had. I was very blessed to find a hubby that felt the same way. So, we will adopt more kids. Not now, but after the new baby is walking we will start again. I DON'T HAVE A LIMIT DEBBIE!! I never will. When I feel like I have enough then I will know that God is telling me to stop. As for now I have the space, I have the time, I have the money , and I have all the love in the world to give these children . If anyone where to ask my kids if they were happy I know without a doubt what they would say and that's all I need to know.
So, Debbie Thank you. Thank you for making me stop and really think about my life and how grateful I am, and how much I love my family, and how excited I am to have a lot more kids int he future. ( Sorry about the picture of the AC. That was an accident I could not delete)

Hello Again!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im Back

Well I know my last post was very depressing, and I was not in much of a mood to really write a lot. Its been a week now and I am getting better, but it still hurts. The Dr said if I wanted to get pregnant again I need to do it now. I guess after a miscarriage is the best time to get pregnant because you have left over HCG and stuff in your body to help hold the pregnancy. So... we are going to start trying again. This will be our last baby, biologically. We really do not know what God will call us to as far as adopting. We know he has blessed us so much with these sweet babies. Eli will turn 3 on March 1rst. I just cant believe how far they have all come. Eli is the sweetest thing now when it is time to give Kissee's/ He puckers his little lips out so far and Wat's for his sweet kissy!
We did finally get a house. The house we ended up with is in Plano. I really like the house. It has 6 bedrooms and it has a pool. The yard is smaller than I like, but it is nice. I think right now we will move on March 14th. I'm just ready for all of this to be over!!! I'm going to have a really hard time when we go at first because I'm going to really miss everyone here in San Antonio. I just pray it works out and works out fast.
Ill leave you with sweet Eli and his Kissy picture, he is such a sweet baby. Then there i a picture of Sweet Nessie!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night we lost the baby. I guess the Dr. was right even though I tried my best to fight his. We are going to try to get pregnant again. This made me really baby hungry. I know after thislast baby we will be done.
Im going to lay down for awhile because I have a lot of cramping today, I just wanted everyone to know what had happened if you dont hear from me in a while, Thanks so much for reading!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Huge News!

Well, At least it is huge to us! We found out this week that we will be having another baby. I should have this new baby in October! Right now the Dr. has a few concerns because my HCG levels are very low so he said that may mean I could have a miscarriage. I have lost 5 before so I sorda know how I feel before a miscarriage and I don't think I am having one. Me and Tony have been trying for the last three years, so this is very exciting for us. This will be our last little biological baby.

Our house hunting is getting very frustrating. Every time we put in an offer we end up getting very frustrate and moving on. We close on our home on the 15Th of March. If we do not have a house by then we will be staying with friends in their guest house as we have done once before. Right now we have our eyes on a house in Plano that I really love, so I'm praying it all works out.
The babies are all finally getting over a very nasty cold that they have had for 4 weeks. Emma my youngest biological girl is still dealing with her Pylori. We are going to have her retested tomorrow to see if it has gone yet. My poor baby gets tummy aches so often. We took gluten out of her food and she seems to be doing a little bit better. My Hylpori I think I told you before had turned into positive cancer cells in my small intestines. They say I need to get checked every 2 months for cancer, so with the pregnancy I just have to really watch out for it. There wont be much I can do until the baby is born if I get it. So the Dr told me if I was to get pregnant, to do it now. That way if I get it I can start treatment after the baby comes. I guess with this type of cancer it can take up to one yr to turn into full blown cancer. Either way we will pray against that and do what we can to avoid cancer. I'm eating everything I'm suppose to eat, and doing what I'm suppose to do to avoid it!
I go back to the Dr on Tuesday of next week. If I do not miss carry by then he said I probably wont, so please pray for this baby to hang in there so we can be the proud parents of 11!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still Searching

We did not get the house you saw last. In fact, we are still looking. This has been a very slow journey. Im really tired of looking for houses and just want to move!!
Eli started taking a few steps today. I did not think he was ever going to walk because he has this bear crawling thing down, and so fast. I really liked watching him do it, but I am so proud that he is trying to walk now. All three of my poor Ukrainian babies are sick right now. I have had to cancel therapy for 2 weeks. The Dr.s say its just a sinus infection, but they are just not fighting it off so well. I keep looking back at when we adopted them and seeing how far they have come in one yr. I am truly amazed. I actually get really upset to think about the fact that we almost didn't adopt Eli. I am so grateful that we did. I knew God was going to make it work out somehow. The 3 babies have been such a blessing to our family. I do have my struggles with Nessie. She is a very loud, and demanding baby, but it isn't anything I can not handle. In all, I would do it over again. In fact, we are talking about adopting again. We want to wait until we in Dallas and settled.
I am sorry for not writing in so long. I hope that when we move I will have more time to write more often. As for now it is late and I need to go to bed. I will leave some pictures of all my sweet babies to enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, The house you see is the house we are working on trying to buy right now. It looks a lot better in the inside. It has 7 bedrooms, and a nice backyard with a pool. It had been foreclosed on so buying it has been a bit of a challenge, so we might not end up with it. We went to look at it this past weekend, and it started to snow on Sunday. This was the first time some of my kid's had ever seen snow. It was very pretty, but scary to drive in.
The babies are good, but my little Emma Claire has been very ill and so have I. I think last time I wrote I spoke about all my tummy pain. Anyways, we found out Emma has H-Pylori. So now the doctors think that I have this to, which has caused Ulcers in my tummy. They think we got this from Russia when we went to adopt the babies, so yes they think the babies have this to now. We have our 2,ooo deductible now to so testing all the kids for this is real fun about now. I'm feeling better, but Emma is fighting this with all she has. Her tummy hurts all day everyday and we can not seem to comfort her so I feel really bad for her. I hate that I can not take her pain away. The doctors don't know why the meds are not helping her so we may have to put her on even more medicines!
As for the other children, everything is going pretty smooth. They are excited about the move, other than Faith. They are picking out their rooms and excited about new schools. I think with Faith our oldest it will just take time for her to adjust when we move.
I hope all is well with everyone. As soon as we get more pictures I will post them for you.!!