Saturday, September 24, 2011

Due date Of APRIL13TH

I find myself always saying sorry because I don't write as often, I just a bad blogger. The past 2 months have bee horrible on me. I have never had a pregnancy when I have been so ill. From the day I found out I was pregnant I was throwing up at least 3 times a day. I have even been hospitalized two times now. This is why I really have not been writing. I AM NOT complaining though. I know that because I have been so ill, that this means everything is going well with the baby. I have seen the baby 2 times now on the sonogram. She is a very cute little bean right now. Last time she was sucking her thumb. I will find out this week if she is a boy or girl. We call her a girl because the heart beat is 172. All my babies have been girls, and their heart beats have been very high. We will see though!!!
I am sooo thankful for everyone that has prayed for this little baby. I would have been devastated if anything happened this time. I'm grateful God is giving the chance once again to be a mommy. I am having my tubes tied this time!
My last post someone asked me to explain how we live and to tell a little bit about our home and how we sleep 11 kid's. Our last home was a lot smaller, and actually Tony and I liked the feel of that more. We all watched TV in the movie room and were a lot closer. This time the house is more spread out and we don't tend to see all the kids in the same spot as much. We are a close family and enjoy being next to each other. This home is 5,000sq ft. It has 5 bedrooms. The boy's share a room with each other, the two oldest. Then my oldest daughter who is 14 has her own room. The 3 girls from 11 to 8 share the largest room. The babies have a room downstairs where they all 3 share a room. Right now Emma the 5 yr old still sleeps in my room, but she has a room that she will share with the baby when it arrives. I really like this house, but I miss San Antonio so much. I feel like me and Tony made a mistake in buying this home. I think we fell in love with its beauty and did not think it through. The neighbors are all older and tend to not be crazy about us, and they just are not to friendly. We were looking at houses in the country when we moved here and I just wish we had stuck to that. I always have conflict with neighbors and its really depressing when you no not one person to talk to. I'm still trying to make friends, but that's hard to when you have 11 kids. I have found a great church and that keeps me going for now. I know it will get better and we will meet people, I just have to keep praying about it and what God wants us to do.
As far as the other kids, everyone is well here. The babies are doing great in school and getting so big. Eli has bee a little bitter lately. This is something we are trying to get under control.
This weekend we are going back to San Antonio to visit everyone. I enjoy these times when I get to see my old friends. It gives me hope I will have this once again here.
I'm going to end now. Ill try to write more now that I'm not so sick anymore. Ill write after we find out what the baby is. Thanks again for every ones support with this little bean!!


  1. Leah,

    I am so happy to hear that all is going okay with your pregnancy except for the throwing up part. With a HR of 172 I say it is a GIRL.
    I will be looking for an update to find out that she is a girl. LOL!!

    Your house sounds really nice. To bad I do not live in your area or we sure could become great friends. It seems to be hard to make really good friends anymore. Once you do they stay around forever. People are so involved in their own lives that they do not remember how important a FRIEND is to have.

    I am suprised with the size of house you have that your neighbors are older, instead of younger like you with kids.
    Oh well stay there a couple of years then sell and move to your dream home.
    Having time for your family and teaching your kids what it is like to be a close family is very important. Personally I think you are doing a great job with all your kiddos. Do not let what others say bother you (I know I need to remember what I preach with this one), after all it is your life not theirs. To be honest I bet some of them are jealous of what you have with a loving husband, wonderful kids, loving family, friends and of course with material things too.

    Keep us posted. I am praying for you guys.


  2. Leah,

    Is everything okay?
    Have you had your ultrasound and did it say that you are having a sweet little girl?

    Write when you can.