Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im Back

Well I know my last post was very depressing, and I was not in much of a mood to really write a lot. Its been a week now and I am getting better, but it still hurts. The Dr said if I wanted to get pregnant again I need to do it now. I guess after a miscarriage is the best time to get pregnant because you have left over HCG and stuff in your body to help hold the pregnancy. So... we are going to start trying again. This will be our last baby, biologically. We really do not know what God will call us to as far as adopting. We know he has blessed us so much with these sweet babies. Eli will turn 3 on March 1rst. I just cant believe how far they have all come. Eli is the sweetest thing now when it is time to give Kissee's/ He puckers his little lips out so far and Wat's for his sweet kissy!
We did finally get a house. The house we ended up with is in Plano. I really like the house. It has 6 bedrooms and it has a pool. The yard is smaller than I like, but it is nice. I think right now we will move on March 14th. I'm just ready for all of this to be over!!! I'm going to have a really hard time when we go at first because I'm going to really miss everyone here in San Antonio. I just pray it works out and works out fast.
Ill leave you with sweet Eli and his Kissy picture, he is such a sweet baby. Then there i a picture of Sweet Nessie!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night we lost the baby. I guess the Dr. was right even though I tried my best to fight his. We are going to try to get pregnant again. This made me really baby hungry. I know after thislast baby we will be done.
Im going to lay down for awhile because I have a lot of cramping today, I just wanted everyone to know what had happened if you dont hear from me in a while, Thanks so much for reading!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Huge News!

Well, At least it is huge to us! We found out this week that we will be having another baby. I should have this new baby in October! Right now the Dr. has a few concerns because my HCG levels are very low so he said that may mean I could have a miscarriage. I have lost 5 before so I sorda know how I feel before a miscarriage and I don't think I am having one. Me and Tony have been trying for the last three years, so this is very exciting for us. This will be our last little biological baby.

Our house hunting is getting very frustrating. Every time we put in an offer we end up getting very frustrate and moving on. We close on our home on the 15Th of March. If we do not have a house by then we will be staying with friends in their guest house as we have done once before. Right now we have our eyes on a house in Plano that I really love, so I'm praying it all works out.
The babies are all finally getting over a very nasty cold that they have had for 4 weeks. Emma my youngest biological girl is still dealing with her Pylori. We are going to have her retested tomorrow to see if it has gone yet. My poor baby gets tummy aches so often. We took gluten out of her food and she seems to be doing a little bit better. My Hylpori I think I told you before had turned into positive cancer cells in my small intestines. They say I need to get checked every 2 months for cancer, so with the pregnancy I just have to really watch out for it. There wont be much I can do until the baby is born if I get it. So the Dr told me if I was to get pregnant, to do it now. That way if I get it I can start treatment after the baby comes. I guess with this type of cancer it can take up to one yr to turn into full blown cancer. Either way we will pray against that and do what we can to avoid cancer. I'm eating everything I'm suppose to eat, and doing what I'm suppose to do to avoid it!
I go back to the Dr on Tuesday of next week. If I do not miss carry by then he said I probably wont, so please pray for this baby to hang in there so we can be the proud parents of 11!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still Searching

We did not get the house you saw last. In fact, we are still looking. This has been a very slow journey. Im really tired of looking for houses and just want to move!!
Eli started taking a few steps today. I did not think he was ever going to walk because he has this bear crawling thing down, and so fast. I really liked watching him do it, but I am so proud that he is trying to walk now. All three of my poor Ukrainian babies are sick right now. I have had to cancel therapy for 2 weeks. The Dr.s say its just a sinus infection, but they are just not fighting it off so well. I keep looking back at when we adopted them and seeing how far they have come in one yr. I am truly amazed. I actually get really upset to think about the fact that we almost didn't adopt Eli. I am so grateful that we did. I knew God was going to make it work out somehow. The 3 babies have been such a blessing to our family. I do have my struggles with Nessie. She is a very loud, and demanding baby, but it isn't anything I can not handle. In all, I would do it over again. In fact, we are talking about adopting again. We want to wait until we in Dallas and settled.
I am sorry for not writing in so long. I hope that when we move I will have more time to write more often. As for now it is late and I need to go to bed. I will leave some pictures of all my sweet babies to enjoy!