Friday, July 30, 2010

My new blog

As I sat down to this blog today my daughter asked my ,"Why do you want another blog mom," I guess in my own words it is simply because I wanted a blog of my own, just for me. The first blog was for our adoption, and the second mine and Tony's together. I liked sharing things with him, but it was time for me to have my very own blog. I want to write everyday about what life is like having 10 kids and the silly things they do, and how we are just as normal as every other family.
I think a lot of people think that our life is so different because we have so many more children, but it really is not. Our kids play very well with each other so there is not a lot of noise in the home. Our children also help out a lot in the house so there is not always a consent mess.
In January we brought 3 babies home from The Ukraine. These babies have been very special to us. If you have been reading the blog before you will see that we have had a hard time with the smallest baby Nessi. She cries all the time and we have yet to figure out why. I guess that was one of my main reasons to blog was just to get away at night, to sit alone by myself and think about the day and all that had gone on. What I should have done differently or what I should have done instead. I'm excited about this blog because I feel I can truly express myself and how I feel and not just talk from me and Tony's point of view.
Today is Friday. I will end this first post telling you about today. Today I took one of my middle girls to the dentist. She has a cavity in almost every other tooth. Talk about feeling like a horrible mom!!! They said it was because I had given her to much soda, again I felt very stupid!! We will go every Friday now until all her teeth are filled. Then tonight I have a chief coming to my house. I hired him to come and teach me how to make several casseroles so that I can learn how to cook better at home. I struggle to make big enough meals for everyone. I'm excited to see what he makes and to see if it will be hard to do again. I'm hoping it will be simple enough that I can remember the next time, after all that is the point. So, I'm going to end now so that I can get the house ready for our guest tonight. Thanks for reading, Leah