Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, The house you see is the house we are working on trying to buy right now. It looks a lot better in the inside. It has 7 bedrooms, and a nice backyard with a pool. It had been foreclosed on so buying it has been a bit of a challenge, so we might not end up with it. We went to look at it this past weekend, and it started to snow on Sunday. This was the first time some of my kid's had ever seen snow. It was very pretty, but scary to drive in.
The babies are good, but my little Emma Claire has been very ill and so have I. I think last time I wrote I spoke about all my tummy pain. Anyways, we found out Emma has H-Pylori. So now the doctors think that I have this to, which has caused Ulcers in my tummy. They think we got this from Russia when we went to adopt the babies, so yes they think the babies have this to now. We have our 2,ooo deductible now to so testing all the kids for this is real fun about now. I'm feeling better, but Emma is fighting this with all she has. Her tummy hurts all day everyday and we can not seem to comfort her so I feel really bad for her. I hate that I can not take her pain away. The doctors don't know why the meds are not helping her so we may have to put her on even more medicines!
As for the other children, everything is going pretty smooth. They are excited about the move, other than Faith. They are picking out their rooms and excited about new schools. I think with Faith our oldest it will just take time for her to adjust when we move.
I hope all is well with everyone. As soon as we get more pictures I will post them for you.!!