Thursday, November 4, 2010

Waiting For The Week To End!!

This has been a very long, yet stressful week. The nasty neighbor down the road is back on her broom stick going after us again. This time she has included her sons. They have began fighting with my son. I guess someone trashed there home on Halloween night and they called the cops telling them that we admitted to it. I would never even consider doing something like this. After that is when her sons started making fun of mine. So she told my son he could not come up on a PUBLIC street to play in front of her house anymore. My husband walked down there and told her she had no right saying that, so she called the cops again!! The cops this time told her she needed to get over it. They told her tony did nothing wrong, and that it was a public street.
I had just started thinking that I love my house and getting sad about moving, but now I remember that God has got a plan in all of this. I know God is moving us to Dallas because this will only get worse staying here. I can not stand to be here next to her anymore. We have kept our mouths silent through all of this. We have been the bigger people and have not done a thing to her, and we wont. I just need to leave.
As for my kids. Everyone is well. The kids had fun on Halloween, and they are starting to get excited now about the move. Faith, my oldest is the only one that is still heart broken to leave her best buddy. This will be a painful time for everyone watching her deal with this move.
You can see below that the babies are loving the moving boxes. They have taken a few of them for toys. I think they like them better than they do their real toys.
Tony will be going back to Dallas next week to house hunt again while I stay behind. It is just to hard looking with all of the kids.
Well the kids all have Doctor apt. today so I will be running all day. This is when it gets really fun being the mom of 10!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!!

Halloween!!! Well, its not my favorite holiday at all. Actually we have tried to not have Halloween , but it just was not fair for the kids I felt. So, last night we tried to make the most of it and IT WAS HORRIBLE!! After we went trick or treating we decided to have a get together with friends down the street. They just happen to live next door to the evil neighbor that hated me. Well, during the night the nasty neighbor got mad AGAIN, and called the cops. She told them that we were loud and she thought we were disturbing the neighborhood. So, what was a great night ended up turning into a nasty night because of this lady that CAN NOT stop harassing me in every way that she can. I know though that I will be moving soon enough and never have to look back. I just feel bad for all my neighbors that will have to still deal with her.
Now, I'm looking ahead and getting ready for my last Thanksgiving here in San Antonio. I'm really hoping that my brother will be able to make it like I said before.
I'm going to leave you guys with some pictures from all of our kids last night!! Get ready there will be a lot!!