Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year

This was our sweet little babies very first Christmas with their new family. We were so very blessed this year to get to have them as part of our family. Last year we missed Christmas with them by a week. They were so excited to open their presents and watch all the other kids open theirs. In all I have to say it was the best Christmas I have had.
The cleaning up after 10 kids took awhile, but all worth it. Now we are getting ready for the new year, Since it will be our last here in San Antonio. It be bitter sweet to hang out with our friends. Our house had been looked at 12 times now, but still no buyers. We still have Tony's work that will buy it on March 2ND if we do not sell it first.
As far as Dallas, we have seen a few we like, but not enough to buy yet. We are a family that is hard to please when it comes to a perfect home. We have to have at least 5 bedrooms, at least 3,500 sq.ft, and we really want a pool. I guess we are a little picky, but it's just what we want!!
My little Emma is having a lot of tummy pain the past 6 months, so tomorrow morning she will under-go an endoscopy. We are praying that they tell us what is wrong with her.
So, I'm going to go and prepare her for bed since we have an early morning. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a great New Year!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Loving the Holidays

I'm not sure if I had ever mentioned before that my husband Tony was adopted when he was 10 days old. The entire time I have known Tony he has always talked a little bit about his biological parents and who they were, and where they were. This year Tony, and I finally set out to find them.
Well, we did it!!! After looking for almost a year, we found them. They were shocked at first and a bit stand offish, but they came around. Now I get to sit back and watch this beautiful relationship build over very emotional emails. It has been so beautiful to me. The things his bio-parents say to him are so heartfelt. They say exactly what I believe Tony needed to hear. They were 16 and to young, but loved him so much. They talk about how they wanted to hold him and hug him so bad.
Today they sent another letter telling Tony this year they were giving their parents, (Tony's grandparents), the best Christmas gift of all, the gift of finding Tony. They will set them down and tell them that they finally found him. I thought that was so sweet and touching. Now the next step I guess is to try to meet them!! Its just exciting. I'm sure they about died when they saw we had 10 kids, but isn't everyone. They are very strong Christian people, just like Tony.
Well, that's our exciting news for now. The kids are all doing great and getting ready for the big day!!
Me and Tony have been talking a lot about adopting again, but right now we can not agree on what child, what age, and what place. Tony wants to wait until our move is over and we know where we will be. As for me there are two babies on Reece's Rainbow that I would love to adopt right now!!
Our house is still on the market and we are suppose to close on it March 2Nd. Then we will have to say goodbye t all our friends here and move away from this home, and place we have loved for so long. I will miss everyone here so dearly.
For now I will leave you with some pictures that we have taken over the past few months of our 10 wonderful kids. We feel truly blessed this year with everything that God has given to us!! On the 24Th it will be one year that we adopted our children!! What a wonderful year!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm sorry for the delay in writing on here. We have been so busy in trying to see our house lately that everything is a little crazy right now. It seems like every time centralized showing calls to show our home, it is the worse time possible with dirty diapers smelling in the garbage, toys all over, and dishes in the sink. We have to run very fast and clean it all up, and put the dogs in the car and leave. Sometimes the people do not even show up, those are the times that I really have to hold in my anger!!
Other than that we are all doing OK here. My little girl Emma is having some tummy issues that are concerning us and she is about to have an upper GI next week. We are thinking that she will end up having celiac disease since her sister has had the same issues before. It is suppose to be a lifelong disease that never goes away, but Grace my 10 yr.old outgrew it. We knew though that is was God that had curred her . The doctor's just do not say that.
The babies are doing OK as well. Nessie the youngest has been screaming at us a lot. I'm not sure what this means, but it is driving us crazy. She seems to be angry at everyone and is even attacking her brother Eli. We are having to keep them apart at times. Its just one of those things we are having to learn about and how to deal with.
I hope everyone is well. I'm sorry to be so short, but Emma is having a tummy ache and I need to hold her now!! Goodnight!

Hello Again!!