Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving along

Tony and I have been thinking about moving to Dallas Texas. His job will be transferring us there. Tony has never really liked his job here because he does not feel like he is doing enough. The job he will have there will have him doing a great deal more, and things he likes to do/ Its really sad to talk to the kids about moving, but if it happens it will happen soon, like next month. I don't really know how to deal with talking the, into it, so any advise would be great. The only time we ever moved was local, just to a bigger home. In fact we have only been in our home for a year. Now that we are having issues with our neighbor moving sounds even better to me!! She Is still talking behind out backs to everyone. I'm not sure what I said in my blog post before, but this lady called cps on us saying the most horrible things about us. A lady that was once a very good friend I thought. It was very crushing to me to see how people can turn on you.
Anyways we thought along time about what to do if anything. In the end we decided to be the bigger people and do nothing. Just let it go. We have, but she has not.
The babies eyes are healing very well after having their eye surgery. They say that alot of times babies have to have the surgery twice. So far so good and we do not have to repeat it. All three of the babies do have a virus right now though. Alot of throwing up. Its sad to see our little babies all sick at the same time. Leeska is getting so smart. They are teaching her so many new things at school. She has learned very fast to feed herself. She is now working on potty training. We will see how well that works. I hear that potty training is a real struggle with kids with downs. Not sure if that is true or not, we will see.
The homeschooling is working out really well, because I am not really homeschooling myself. As I said before it is IQ Academy. They teach my kids public school, its just online. It has been very structured and very good for my girls. They had a hard time adjusting to the new ways at first, but now they are loving it. They have a teacher they talk to everyday, and they turn in their homework through a scanner every Friday. If anyone is to busy to home school, but not ready to do public school, I highly recommend this program. Its all free because it is a charter school.
Well, Time to talk to my hubby . Night time is the only time we have to sit alone and talk about our life and day. Its the most important time we have together. We make sure we have this time every night so that we never let a day go by without talking to one another about our day and about the things we have done. I don't want to ever be so busy that we loss that. I have many friends that have and I think that is what keeps a relationship strong!! Night guys!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

God on my Side

This pass month I have been feuding with my neighbor really bad. She thinks that I said things that were never said. To make a very long story short she has a lot of hate in her. I guess to get me back she went and called CPS on me. She told them about 32 different things that were the most awful things anyone could say about anyone. I just can not understand the things that she made up. We were terrified that they would believe the things, but we knew that God was on my side. We both prayed, and had our entire bible group pray. When they walked into our home they laughed at first because I guess some of the things said were that our house was filthy and had dog poop everywhere and that I let my babies eat dog poop. So as they entered my home they looked around and smiled in relief knowing that already they were wrong. As I listened to the rest of the allegations I was in shock. How can someone have that much hatred in their bodies. I just do not get it. Now I sit here and wonder what comes next. Since that didn't work I wonder if she will try something else.
Please just pray for this woman and that she can let go of this hate that she has for me and our family and that she will leave us alone.
As far as everyone else, the kids are great. School is going great. Two of our kids are doing online public school. Its called IQ academy. They love it. Its a great program. The kids have really enjoyed it. I hope every ones week is going better than mine, but we are happy that this is over and we can move on. This all happened yesterday which was my husbands 35th birthday also. In the end it was all Good because God had our backs in the entire time!! Thank You God!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Moving along

Well I am happy to say that everything is ok at home now. It seems lately like all I have to talk about is drama in our life. The only exciting news right now is that I am pretty sure we are moving. We have just been here for a year, and now Tony's office is moving us to Dallas Texas, not to far from where we are now. We have been busy looking for homes on the Internet. We have actually found a lot that we really like so It will not be as hard as we thought.
The neighbor thing still continues, but I have learned just to ignore her. My husband has warned me the entire time to not be friends with her and that she was danger, and I never obeyed. That is why I should listen to him, because I got the one hurt in the end. I see her everyday and she acts like she never sees me. I just do the same. Just one more good reason to move out of here.
The babies had their eye surgeries last Friday and they are doing great. Leeska might have to have her again because her eyes still cross, but we will have to wait awhile to be able to tell. Eli is doing great. He has no complications from his chocking accident. All 3 babies are getting a cold right now, and that's never good because they all get so fussy at the same time.
IM getting ready for a great weekend having out with friends, I hope all you can do the same!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just a Bad week!

I have not posted in a few days because this has just got to be a very bad week. After Eli getting sick and chocking we had yet more drama. First the 2 girls had their eye surgery. Everything went well, so we are hoping now that their eyes will not cross anymore and that they can see better. We will not know anything for about a month.
Now, I don't know if I have spoken much about this baby Addison I have been watching, but I will tell you now. My neighbor has an 18 yr.old daughter that had a friend that literally dropped her baby off at my neighbors and took off for three days. I helped watch the baby to. A few days later the mom asked me to watch her again, so when I picked the baby up we sat and talked for awhile. She was telling me that she had a horrible mom and just wanted to learn to be a good mom, so I told her I would love to help her out. She agreed to take my help. I know now she was just using me. She would still leave the baby overnight. I then told her I would only babysit for her to go get a job, not go out. She called me yesterday and asked me once again to watch her. I told the mom I was going to Austin overnight and she agreed to let me watch the baby overnight in Austin. While I was there I had to come back to San Antonio to get medication for my babies. I sent her a text to tell her then came home. While I was at home my neighbors 18 yr old saw me at home and called the mom and asked her where her baby was because I was at home without her baby. I guess she never got my text so she calls me cussing me out telling me to get her baby back right now or she was going to call the cops. To this point I know my neighbors said something to her that was not true for her to react the way she did. They knew my brother was a doctor and I think they told the mom that my brother was going to look at the bump on her head and it freaked her out. This baby has a huge bump that she is always grabbing. Anyways, she did call the cops on me. She told them I kidnapped the baby. So now I'm freaking out. My brother called me a lawyer and he dealt with the cops. The night ended with me giving her the baby and not going to jail , but I was soooo hurt by so many people. My neighbor was a good friend of mine and I thought she would be worried about me and care about what was happening, but because I told her that this would not have happened if her daughter had not said anything to the mom she said the most hurtful things ever. She told me I was never really her friend and I was a bad mom. I was soo shocked. This is the neighbor that we have had issues with before. I guess we were not ever really good friends anyways. Its just sad because all in all I was just trying to do a good thing for someone that needed help. I'm still so hurt that she would call the cops on me. That is how our weekend was. Now I'm going to take a nap because the night was full of tears and trying to understand. A lesson was learned that I just can not trust people like I used to!