Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New surprises

I was due to have a foot surgery this week. I have had a burning pain in my foot and they going to do a surgery to help get rid of the pain. I also had another surgery set up, one to get my tubes tied. We had decided to risk was to high for me and the baby, and we did not want to have another miscarriage. Before my surgery I was required to take a pregnancy test. Well Friday afternoon we found out we were expecting. We were even trying to be very safe. I was totally shocked. God had other plan's. So far I have been throwing up everyday for 7 day's. I have been having a lot of tummy pain, which everyone seems' to say is good news!! I have an appointment to go to the Dr and then I will start the shot's in my tummy. This will help me and the baby from my blood clotting disorder. We are very happy about this baby, just a little shocked!!
The kid's are all very excited as well. The babies of course do not get it yet, but I think when the baby comes they will be very happy.
We had to put the adoption aside for the moment. They will not let me adopt at the beginning of this pregnancy. As soon as we get out of this scary stage we will start the process up again. We never found the child that we both agreed on, but we did decide NOT to adopt HIV kids.I love that people can do it, and we would. The reason we are not is because our family is NOT supportive of it at all. We just got tired of trying to explain it to everyone. There are so many other children out there as well. We just need to get through this pregnancy first.
School is close to starting. I have all but 1 child going to school this yr. I'm so afraid to send my little Emma to kinder because I'm afraid she will get so sad. For me that really bothers me. I'm praying she does well and makes friends fast. If not I do not mind pulling her out and homeschooling her!!
That's all I have for now. Trying to write for often than normal!! Have a great day!!