Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello again!!
 Im so sorry I have not written in so long. After the baby was born I had many medical issues. I had a hernia and Im about to go have my 2nd surgery to fix this.
 Anyways, the baby was born on April4th. She was a healthy 7pound baby girl named Olivia. She is now 3 months old and very happy. She is a huge baby girl now. About 15 pounds now!!
 Tony and I have decided to adopt again so we are going to start blogging again so people can follow us on this journey to decide what child to adopt and where to adopt from. We do not want to rush into this. I really want to enjoy Livy for the time being. It takes so long to adopt anyways so we will have plenty of time to enjoy her grow!!
  The other children are all well and enjoying their summer. I think they mostly play on the x-box and swim. We are planning a family trip to the beach, then a cruise in October. We tend to cruise when it is cheaper with all the kids!!
 I hope I have not lost all my followers! We will be blogging more from now on!
 I hope everyone is well and having a great summer!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its been way to long!!

The baby bump!!
Me and my little Eli
Once again I have forgotten about my blog. I got very involved on facebook and seem to never find time to do this.
I am now 28 weeks pregnant. This baby is another Girl!! We think we will name her Olivia Hope but it keeps changing. The kid's are so excited about this baby. They all know this is it for momma. I am getting my tubes tied. I have ever been in so much pain as I am now!! My lower back is in so much pain that I can barely get up and walk in the mornings. The Doctor may take her a little early. For now my c-section date is April 6th. She will be a good Friday baby.
As far as everyone else we are doing well. I still do not have many friends here, but its very hard to get out and make them anyways. My neighbors are still very frustrating to me. I have one that I really get along with. She is like my second mother!! She is always taking care of me, but now she might be moving in March.
We are buying land in March and planning on slowly building a house. For now we can go and put horses and animals on it and just go out there everyday until the house is built. This has aways been my dream!
I'm getting the babies ready for school now so i will try to write more later. Thank everyone for praying for this little baby. We are so excited to see this new baby!!