Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our New Adoption!!!!

Tony and I have decided to adopt again. This is something that we have talked about for awhile, but nothing we really thought we would do soon. After we lost our second baby we really started to pray about what God wanted us to do. We thought maybe he wanted us to even be done having and adopting kids. We knew in our hearts that we did not want to be done though. As we sat in church one Sunday, we listened as the entire sermon was on adopting orphans. It was a total God thing!! We knew he was speaking to us. It was literally the night before that we sat there and prayed about what we needed to do.
We then began the process of picking a child. This has been a huge challenge for us. We ended up deciding to pick a child with HIV, and an older child, then we decided to take two!!
So... As of right now we are taking two boy's named Rafferty, and James. They are both from the Ukraine and they are both HIV positive. One of them is 6, and the other is 7. If all goes well we will start the process next week.
Please pray for us on this journey as we find out about the wait of the adoption and the cost, and if they will even let us with having 10 kids already!
We will post pictures when we know for sure and we will give more details as soon as possible!!

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  1. James and Rafferty are getting adopted by another couple. I am glad to find out they have a family, since your family didn't get to adopt them.
    I do wish you the best with the new baby and any future plans.